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I am not sure what service I need, can you help?

If you are in any doubt then please contact us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively you could book in for an MOT, which will allow our mechanic to fully assess what level of service you require. The cost of the MOT will be deducted from the cost of the upgraded service. If you choose this option we may not be able to carry out the work on the same day as we will have only allowed time for completing the MOT.

Why do I need to have my bicycle serviced at least once a year?

The average bicycle contains more than sixty ball bearings. They are the humble, hidden essential heroes of the bicycle, allowing wheels to rotate, pedals to gyrate and the steering to alternate. These heroes live in a sealed environment with only a coat of grease enabling their free movement.

Over time, water and dirt infiltrate this clinical habitat, breaking down the grease, initiating the onset of rust and bringing our essential heroes to a grinding halt, causing permanent damage to the housing.

Unlike our essential heroes, who are protected within their environment, the drive train is exposed to the harsh elements of the weather. A lubricated chain collects and converts grit into a grinding paste which aids the premature wear of the drive train, whilst a chain that is non lubricated simply stiffens and breaks.

Inner tubes deflate, tyres wear and wheels buckle. Cables stretch, fray and break. Brake pads wear, gears slip and bolts loosen. Its a gradual process and one that is hard to detect when constantly riding.

This is why manuafacturers recommend a minimum of a full service once a year. 

I’ve just got a puncture will you come and fix that?

Of course, our aim is to keep you cycling with minimal inconvenience.

How much does a service cost?

We have several types of services. Please check our price list for the service type you require or if you’re unsure which to choose, book an MOT and allow our mechanic to advise you when he arrives. The MOT cost will be refunded against any upgraded service you choose.

Do you arrange Doctor Bike sessions?

Yes. Please contact our head office for details.

How do I book a service at my workplace?

You can book a service via our booking enquiry on our website or if your workplace has arranged a regular slot for us onsite you can book via our corporate services page and login and choose from drop down menu. Or you can use the more traditional telephone method instead

What is included in your bike service prices?

Our service prices are for labour oils and grease that are required as part of the service. All parts, unless otherwise stipulated on our price list, are not included and are charged extra. We will always agree the cost with you before completing the work, unless you opt to set an authorisation limit on parts costs.

Do I get a discount if I book multiple bikes?

Yes booking 3 or more bikes to be worked on at the same time and location will result in a group discount. Please contact the office for details.

What can I use the call out in my Maintenance Plan for?

Your Call Out can be used for minor repairs, additional tune ups or fitting of accessories.

How do I buy a Maintenance Plan?

You can buy a plan via our booking enquiry on our website or by purchasing a gift voucher.



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